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Kristin Kay


A Denver, Colorado native, Kristin Kay has been a vital part of the music scene for many years. She has been an artist all of her life, delving in many forms of the Arts. Her passion, without equivocation, is eternally rooted in music.She has traveled abroad to entertain the troops and has performed East and West of the Mississippi. Today, Kristin is the driving force behind her current project, Kristin Kay Band. Her focus is to revisit all genres of music, from Pop to Country, R&B to Classic Rock and Blues. Her latest release, Woman On A Mission, is a reflection of her desire to delve into the many idiosyncrasies of life which is reflected in the many styles represented on this album. Kristin's smoky, sultry voice contributes a gritty flavor to her songs. You'll quickly realize that her love of music translates into raw emotion that's hard to resist!

"My amazing life would not be possible without all of the musicians I have crossed paths with over the years. I have learned a lot because of your talents and wisdom and I would not be the entertainer - let alone person - I am today without you. Thank you for sharing your time, effort and above all, your everlasting

- Kristin Kay

Kristin Kay has now released here debut CD "Woman On A Mission"!


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